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Aspext, London

Welcome to the Aspext, London, Travel Plan pages. Here you will find all the information you require on sustainable travel options in and around the Wick Lane and Tower Hamlets area. Please navigate through the various sections by using the images above.

It is important that you settle in well to Aspext and the surrounding areas. We hope you find this information useful and on behalf of Taylor Wimpey thank you for selecting Aspext as the place you will call home.

Before exploring the rest of the information, don’t forget to;

1. Claim your Sustainable Travel Vouchers
As part of Taylor Wimpey’s commitment to you, you can claim a £50 active travel voucher to be redeemed online at addition to this, each resident of Aspext can claim free Zip Car membership. To claim your voucher and your free Car Club membership, please complete this survey. You can find full information on what is available to you in the Smarter Travel Information Pack which you would have received when you moved into your new home. You can also find full terms and conditions for the sustainable travel vouchers here.
2. Request your free Personal Travel Plan
Each resident of Aspext is entitled to a free Personal Travel Plan. A Personal Travel Plan shows you all of your travel options to and from your home to your regular destination, such as workplace. Not only are you provided with each travel option but also the journey duration, cost and calories burned. To request your Personal Travel Plan, please fill in the short form on the Personal Travel Planning section.
3. Make a change
Start practicing more sustainable travel today! Use one of your regular journeys under 5 km and try to walk it or cycle it instead of driving or using public transport to see what difference it makes in time and fitness gained. Perhaps it doesn’t take as long as you thought or it could even take less time, but the benefits to you and your community are priceless. You can find further information over on our Aspext Walking and Cycling pages about which amenities are local to you and within walking and cycling distances.
4. Investigate a cycle to work scheme
Find out if your employer is a member of a cycle to work scheme like Cyclescheme. These schemes are set up to benefit employees by saving between 25-39% on the cost of a bicycle and cycling accessories. Payments for the equipment can be conveniently deducted through your salary. You can find out more on the Cyclescheme website and invite your employer to join if they haven’t signed up already!
5. Sign up to car share
Sign up free to the London Liftshare website. By sharing journeys you can save money on the cost of travelling by car. London Liftshare is an easy and great tool for searching and finding other local people to partner up with. With dozens of car sharing opportunities offered in the area there is a good chance of finding a suitable journey. The average commuter can save up to £1,000 a year, so if you can’t find one car share that fits your needs, why not advertise your trip for others to join you and start saving on your driving.
6. Keep up to date
Don’t forget to follow the Smarter Travel London Facebook page! We keep this page regularly updated with news and events happening in the area. We will also be holding competitions and notify you of any relevant local travel information. If you would like more detailed information about Smarter Travel Ltd or have any questions about travel in the area, please feel free to contact us, your Travel Plan Coordinator.

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