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Personal Travel Planning

Planning your journey can be time consuming. It is much easier to get in your car and let Google maps direct you to your destination. By doing so however, you could be spending more time and money than necessary. This is why as your Travel Plan Coordinator, we provide each resident of Aspext a free personal travel plan. 

What are Personal Travel Plans (PTP)?

PTP is a free service that provide you with all the information you require on your travel options, to and from a destination. We include active methods of travelling such as walking, cycling, public transport and car-sharing where applicable. These options are shown in comparison to the car journey you make.

Each travel mode analysed by the PTP will show you:

  • Calories burnt
  • Journey distance
  • Duration of journey
  • And the estimated CO2 per passenger for each alternative travel mode.

Why a Personal Travel Plan?

It is personal, it saves you the time to look for an alternative mode of transport. Our PTP is the one place to go to that shows you everything you need to know with various modes of transport. Looking for the quickest walking route? Or a quiet cycling route? Or cheaper public transport options? Just send us an email and we will show you a list of all your travel options.

It is free for residents of Aspext so why not email us for one?

Why would this benefit you?

Journey planning is key. Sometimes we don’t know how much money we are spending just on travelling to work alone, or how much money you could be saving by just changing your habit slightly. Little by little, you are also contributing to helping the environment, and your own health.

‘Google can do it for me’

That is true. However, Google can not calculate the most cost efficient option for you, or show you the best public transport option. Smarter Travel Limited are specialists in sustainable travel planning, and so we are always in the loop about various travelling vouchers, and discounts that are available for residents.

Google also does not take into consideration the health of the planet nor you. We believe that even if it does not change your habit overnight, it can at least get you to rethink it.

Why not consider us? We are one platform that provides you all the necessary information and more.

Personal Travel Plan | Smarter Travel Ltd

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