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Car Travel

Take away the hassle and expense of car ownership by signing up to a Car Club where you can hire a vehicle by the minute, hour or day! With a car club vehicle you are more likely to only use a car as and when you really require one – this can save on the expense of owning and maintaining a car full-time.

Cost Savings

By utilising a car club vehicle you can make dramatic cost savings. For example a round-trip of 60 miles (over a time period of 3-hours which would be ideal for a shopping trip!) in a small car this would cost approximately £15. This includes the cost of fuel, insurance and the congestion charge (where applicable).

And as a resident of Aspext, we are giving you two-years free membership! If you would like to sign up free of charge and use one of the many vehicles nearby, just complete the short Travel Survey and we will be in touch with further information.

Car Sharing

By sharing your car journeys, not only are you reducing the number of vehicles on the road but you’re probably saving money too! By sharing your journeys there are many benefits to be had;

  • Reduce the cost of travelling;
  • Cuts congestion and pollution;
  • Reduces parking problems; and
  • It is a great way to network with others and make new friends!

London Liftshare has been set up specifically for residents of the capital to assist in the process of arranging journeys to share. There are already just under 60 journeys already listed from the Wick Lane area! The website is free to join and you have both the opportunity to advertise as a driver or as a passenger – whichever you prefer. The online database then helps you find suitable car sharing options, whether this is for your regular commute or a one-off trip to an event or concert. By sharing the same or similar journeys with other people you can save money on the cost of car travel. It is estimated that the average commuter could save £1,000 per year by sharing their regular commute. However, why not try the Liftshare’s online calculator on the to see how much money you could actually save.

Sign Up!

All it takes is to follow a few simple steps;

  • Sign up for free at London Liftshare;
  • Find a suitable car sharing partner and send a message through the online system;
  • Organise and arrange your first car sharing journey!
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For more information and a full step-by-step guide on the process, please view the Liftshare ‘How to’ guide. You can also view frequently asked questions, including questions around insurance.

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