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Residential, Workplace and University Travel Plans

Smarter Travel Ltd can take on the management, promotion, and monitoring of residential, workplace and university Travel Plans. We can take the pressure off you by providing the experience, knowledge, and support needed to create a successful Travel Plan. We can work with your Sales and Marketing Teams, and guide you in implementing the measures needed to reach your Travel Planning targets.

In short, Smarter Travel Ltd can create a tailored Travel Plan package for your development, and the people who use it. This could include overcoming heavily congested areas, lack of cycle parking, poor infrastructure or irregular public transport services. Additionally, we may also be able to help you gain funding from your Local Authority to support these measures.

Travel Plan Coordinator Services

Alongside the development and writing of workplace, residential and university Travel Plans, our core services include:

• Travel Plan Management;
• Sustainable Travel Site Audits;
• Website Development;
• Social Media Marketing;
• Personal Travel Planning;
• Live Marketing Events;
• Promotional Material; and
• Welcome Packs for Residents, Employees, and Students.

Richard Jackson Limited

In addition to this, our sister company, Richard Jackson Ltd, has an experienced transport team in the East of England that can provide the following services;

• Transport Assessments and Statements;
• Road Safety Audits;
• Highway Design and Junction Modelling;
• Due Diligence Transport Appraisals;
• Transport Data Collection; and
• Section 106 Negotiations.

Richard Jackson Ltd can also provide civil, structural pre-planning and inspection services for many construction projects.


“Having worked with Smarter Travel over recent years they have been proficient in drawing up Travel Plans and getting them quickly approved by Local Authorities, whether they are for 75 dwellings or 535. The measures proposed to bring trip rates down are often innovative in nature whilst ensuring they are kept within budget. The team also works well with Council Travel Plan teams to push back on unreasonable requests and ensuring that any savings are passed onto clients.
Smarter Travel are consistently competitive in their proposals and I have had nothing but positive experiences on every development they are employed on.”
Mr C. Webber – Barratt David Wilson Homes

“I found Smarter Travel by Googling travel plans, trying to establish whether or not writing a travel plan was something that I could write myself.
I stumbled across the Smarter Travel website and I am so glad that I did. Since first communication with Heidi she has been nothing but helpful when creating our bespoke travel pack and green travel plan. Heidi has answered numerous emails and questions that I have had along the way and has helped me understand what it is that we needed to create, keeping me informed every step of the way.
The end product is excellent quality and looks very professional, and fits our brand well. The Green Travel Plan statement that was prepared for us was also an interesting read. I am certain that I would not have done such a good job had I been left to my own devices and am very grateful to Heidi for putting up with all of my questions, always polite and helpful.
Don’t hesitate, Smarter Travel are worth every penny.”
Kirsty Barker, Stowford Mill Developments

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