Residential Travel Plans

Travel Plans are becoming increasingly popular with Local Authorities and more residential developments are seeing these implemented as planning conditions. But how can a travel plan benefit your development?

Benefits of a Residential Travel Plan

There are a vast number of benefits to appointing us as your Travel Plan Coordinator in addition to implementing a Travel Plan on your residential development;

• You can benefit from early and continual engagement. Travel Plans are our primary emphasis, trust us to undertake this work for you. This can free up your time to focus on other important aspects of your development;

• By employing an experienced consultant, you can be assured that the Travel Plan produced will be realistic and deliverable – giving it the best chance of success and being cost-effective;

• We have a vast and varied experience in Travel Planning, therefore, we understand practical methods of engagement and what is likely to work best for your development;

• Our marketing knowledge means we understand corporate branding and how to deliver the ‘right’ message in a captivating and friendly way;

• By being forward-thinking, we are adaptable and pro-active when it comes to extenuating circumstances which may have an influence over the Travel Plan and its success;

• Better communities and more positive placemaking is becoming increasingly important in society, therefore, we keep positive change as a main aim throughout our Residential Travel Plans;

• The success of one Travel Plan can aid the planning permission process of another development. If the Local Planning Authority see good practice and commitment, it could help with the approval of future developments;

• A professional Travel Plan can reduce, delay or negate mitigation work determined by the Transport Assessment by reducing vehicle trip rates; and

• Residential Travel Plans can easily be incorporated into Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental policies for your organisation.

Residential Travel Information Pack

Residential Travel Plans are often required to support planning applications and Transport Assessments for new developments and will be secured by a planning condition and/or a Section 106 Agreement. Overall, Residential Travel Plans are a long-term management strategy with a package of measures designed to reduce the number of car trips, improve active lifestyles and reduce the negative impacts of certain modes of transport on the local environment. The Travel Plan document is regularly reviewed (usually annually) and must be dynamic to continue to evolve over the monitoring period in order to assist in creating a vibrant, sustainable and healthy community.

We understand that for successful Residential Travel Plans to be implemented and meet Local Authority Guidance; partnerships and excellent communication with all stakeholders such as the residents, Local Authorities, local transport operators and school Travel Plan Coordinators must be a key focus.

As well as the development and production of Residential Travel Plans, we can undertake the vital Travel Plan Coordinator role required to implement, manage, monitor and promote the Travel Plan to residents of the specific development on behalf of the developer. We ensure that each dwelling is presented with the sustainable travel options in the area and given the best opportunity to make a positive change, thus achieving the Travel Plan targets and discharging the planning conditions for you. As part of the Travel Plan Coordinator role, we will survey and manage your Residential Travel Plan throughout the monitoring period (typically a period of five years). In accordance with this regular monitoring, we will continue to update and adapt the Travel Plan as applicable in order to achieve on-going planning obligations.

The Importance of Marketing Communications

With our professional experience in marketing communications and design, we can produce positive, engaging and appealing marketing collateral for your residents taking demographics and the local area into account. Promotional material includes; Residential Welcome/Information Packs, newsletters, promotional flyers, local area maps and website content. Furthermore, we can organise and manage sustainable travel events on-site to further increase engagement with residents in order to accomplish the Residential Travel Plan targets. The marketing collateral created in order to promote the Travel Plan can be produced according to your corporate identity guidelines and specifications as well as being designed to complement and support your own marketing material, creating an additional sales and marketing tool.

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