Workplace Travel Plans

Workplace Travel Plans

Workplace Travel Plans are primarily implemented to address and change the commuting habits of employees and they can be either a planning requirement or implemented voluntarily. Workplace Travel Plans can contribute towards sustainability accreditations as well as set yourself ahead of other employers.

Each and every Workplace Travel Plan should be unique as there are many variables which need to be taken into consideration, this includes;

Workplace Travel Plans | Smarter Travel Ltd

Nature and industry of the organisation;

Organisational culture and company policies;

Location of your business(es);

Where your employees reside;

How well served the workplace is by public transport links;

Requirements for business travel; and

Any issues with current transport options and employee commuter habits.

As Travel Plan Coordinators, we can produce a business-specific Travel Plan for your organisation, as well as measuring and monitoring the plan throughout its lifespan. In addition to this, we can create a branded Travel Plan, design and produce marketing collateral to distribute to your employees, including induction/welcome packs and sustainable travel giveaway items such as umbrellas, travel mugs and waterproof rucksack covers. Interest-free loans for public transport tickets, introduction or expansion of cycle parking, set up and management of car-sharing schemes and distribution of local area maps are just a few examples of measures that we can implement in your workplace as part of the Travel Plan.

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Workplace Travel Plans | Smarter Travel Ltd


By implementing a Workplace Travel Plan, not only are you helping your staff commute more easily, you are also giving them many more benefits;

♦ Reducing the cost of travel for your employees;

Reducing journey times to and from the workplace in addition to the surrounding area;

Help build exercise into the daily routine;

Cut business mileage claims – therefore saving your business money;

Improve your businesses image to stakeholders;

Become more environmentally friendly by reducing your carbon footprint;

Create a happier, healthier and more productive workforce;

Improve the creativity of your employees;

Increase staff engagement and retention; and

Demonstrate excellent Corporate Social Responsibility.






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