A photograph of a handshake | Smarter Travel Limited

Welcome to our new Travel Plan Coordinator – Heidi!

We are pleased to welcome Heidi to Smarter Travel Ltd, who comes from a PR

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A photograph of people sitting around a table whilst being presented to | Smarter Travel Limited

Smarter Travel Ltd invited to present to the Eastern Region Travel Planners Forum

Suffolk County Council kindly invited us to present at the Travel Planners Forum of Local

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Collaborative Working | Smarter Travel Ltd

Did you know car sharing can improve productivity at work?

Plenty of us lift share to and from the office on a daily basis, but

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Train tickets | Smarter Travel Ltd

Paper train tickets to be a thing of the past

The Transport Secretary says paper train tickets should be phased out in favour of smartcards

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Cycle to work day | Smarter Travel Ltd

Cycle to Work day 2016

Britain’s national Cycle to Work Day is upon us once again … Are you sick

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Coach | Smarter Travel Ltd

UK Government funds cleaner, greener bus journeys

The UK Government has made £30 million of funding available to bus operators and local

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Diesel cars | Smarter Travel Ltd

Study finds diesel cars emit more pollution when cold

New research has revealed that millions of diesel cars on British roads are emitting more

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Stoke Quay Ipswich | Smarter Travel Ltd

Smarter Travel holds first Travel Plan event at Stoke Quay

The first Travel Plan event held at Stoke Quay, Ipswich on behalf of Genesis Housing

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Bike lock | Smarter Travel Ltd

Top tips to protect your bike from thieves

Around 150,000 bicycles are stolen in the United Kingdom alone. You might get lucky and

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National Walking Month | Smarter Travel Ltd

National Walking Month

Did you know that May is National Walking month? If you are trying to get

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