Did you know car sharing can improve productivity at work?

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Plenty of us lift share to and from the office on a daily basis, but how can the journey actually increase your performance once you arrive?

Studies have found that employee share ownership can increase employee productivity and more so if it is part of a programme of employee engagement, but not everyone is convinced.

Chatting could turn into networking!
If your sharer is from a different department, company, or team, your time together is a great opportunity to learn more about who they are and what they do. Ensuring you have a good relationship could come handy at a later date from a professional point of view – you never know what’s round the corner. If you know of anyone else who lives in the same area as you who could do with a lift, why not offer them a seat too? Even if they only join you once, the trip gives a great chance to chat.

Practice presentations and speeches
Public speaking, for many people is very nerve racking – so practice can help make perfect! Run through your dialogue with your sharer and have them provide constructive feedback. Practicing with others is a great way to make sure you get in all of your key points, and to gauge the interest of an audience. It can also save you considerable time later on, as you can cover off areas that would otherwise result in Q&A’s.

Provide support to your sharers
Sometimes we all need to get things off our chest. Whether it’s related to work, home, family, or friends, having a little moan and being there to listen to others when they need you can help stop negative thoughts and being miserable before you reach the office door.

Hold an informal meeting
We all know there is not enough hours in the day so if you have team members living along your route to work, or who can pick you up, take a ride with them! Travelling together buys extra time either in the morning or after the normal working day ends to catch up. The informal setting of a car rather compared to a boardroom may well mean people open up a bit more and are most honest.

Good ideas can come from anywhere. Even if others in the car don’t work in the same company or sector, their input could be invaluable. Run your thoughts past them and have them bounce ideas off of you.

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