Smarter Travel for Solihull

Smarter Travel for Solihull

The Smarter Travel for Solihull project is being delivered by Solihull Metropolitan Council and is currently for residents of Dickens Heath.
The project is designed to provide you with information on your local travel options, travel news, and money saving tips. You also have the opportunity to claim up to four free travel incentives.

It may not be possible for everyone to make changes to their journeys, but we are here to help support you in choosing a more sustainable mode of travel where possible.

*Offers will be shared with the wider area later this year.

Incentives to claim:
Cycle Training: A free 1-hour cycle training session for all abilities. Perhaps there is a particular route you would like to try? Our instructors can help build your confidence by cycling it through with you.

Travel Pass and Friends & Family Offer: A 1-week adult travel pass, valid across the West Midlands on buses, trains and the Metro Tram. With this pass, you can also take another adult on your journey for just £1!

Fitness Tracker: Find out how many steps you are doing and compete with others!

Cycle Puncture Repair Kit: Keep yourself on the move whilst cycling in the area.

Personal Travel Plans

As a resident of Dickens Heath, you can also claim a free Personal Travel Plan (PTP). A PTP identifies all of your travel options from A to B. Your PTP will also give full details including walking, cycling (where applicable), and public transport options. Also, it will detail journey duration, departure times CO2 emitted and calories burned. Complete your details below to claim yours!

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