Weaver’s Meadow, Great Cornard

Yearly Monitoring

The  final Weaver’s Meadow Travel Plan has been recently updated and completed (November 2020), we are pleased to let you know that the targets have been met! You can view the full Travel Plan report here.

Since the Travel Plan was implemented in 2017, there has been an overall reduction in single car/van journeys by 12.5%, furthermore car sharing has also had a significant increase by 44.44%.

Baseline Survey of transport modal split.

Third anniversary survey of transport modal split (November 2020).

From the two charts it’s clear to see that single occupancy car journeys have significantly decreased and car sharing has increased! We would like to thankyou all for your participation and help throughout, allowing the targets to successfully be met.

The Weavers Meadow pages will be removed at the start of February 2021, however please do follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all travel news.

We will continue to support and advise residents on sustainable travel choices and if you have any questions or comments regarding travel to and from Weaver’s Meadow, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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