Wayland Fields, Watton

Welcome to the Wayland Fields, Watton section of the Smarter Travel website.

It is important to Barratt Homes that you settle in well to Wayland Fields and the surrounding area. We hope you find this section of our website useful and on behalf of Barratt Homes thank you for selecting Wayland Fields as the place you will call home.

As part of the Travel Plan monitoring you can claim a free travel incentive;

  • A 2-week bus pass with Konect Buses, covering all their services across the county, or
  • A £60 Wiggle voucher to be redeemed online.

    You can view the incentive terms and conditions here.

Are you already working from home more often & travelling less?

Why not try reducing your car travel even further can get your weekly shop delivered, there are many alternatives including HelloFresh, Gousto and Oddbox all of which offer regular discounts. Or perhaps you could combine your daily walk into a trip to your local shops and support local! Remember, it’s the small changes that make a big difference.

Before exploring the rest of the information, don’t forget to:

Complete the Travel Survey
Complete the quick online Travel Survey to receive your free Personal Travel Plan (if you opt-in). This will also give you the opportunity to claim your active travel voucher or bus tickets.
Make a Change!
Choose at least one local journey that you make regularly that’s less than five miles, try walking or cycling it instead of driving and see what the difference is! Head over to our Walking and Cycling page for more information on which amenities are within a walking and cycling distance to Wayland Fields.
Investigate Cyclescheme
Ask your employer if they are a member of the Cyclescheme. If not, why not suggest they sign up? You could save between 25-39% on the cost of a bicycle and cycling equipment!
Sign up to Liftshare
Sign up free to Liftshare. Search for drivers or passengers making the same or similar journeys to you. You can save money on the cost of fuel and car parking as well as meeting new people in the process!
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For more detailed information about Smarter Travel Ltd or any questions you may have about walking, cycling, car sharing and public transport around the Wayland Fields area, please feel free to contact us, your Travel Plan Coordinator.

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