What are Car Clubs? Are they worth joining?

Following our exciting collaboration with Enterprise Car Club, we thought it would be useful to include some basic information regarding car clubs.

With petrol and fuel prices on the rise, a growing number of people are looking at alternative modes of travel to reduce their daily costs. Do you find yourself using your car less and less? Or is your second car sitting in your garage for some time?

Perhaps it is time to sell your car and join a car club!

Car Clubs are essentially a selection of cars (including vans in some areas) offered for rent by the hour or by the day. Price varies depending on the company. But what are the benefits of applying to a car club?

Time and Cost Reduction

Forgot to do your MOT? Is the queue for petrol too long? Owning a car comes with extra administrative duties and money on top of our daily work routines. By renting a car only when you need it, it can easily save you £1,000’s per year and relieve your stress of paying vehicle tax, fuel, and insurance to name but a few!

Reduce CO emissions

By reducing or selling your private car, using a car club can reduce 72%  of emissions when compared to the average UK Car. Did you know that each Enterprise Car takes 18 private cars off the road? According to the CoMo UK’s Annual report of Car Clubs, there was also a 26.5% decrease in carbon emissions for the average car club car compared to the average UK car.

Minimal change of lifestyle

We understand that sometimes driving is necessary especially when you have early or late-night shifts, which requires you to travel at 5 am in the morning. Even if you wanted to cycle, car share or take public transport, your shifts make it difficult. Or perhaps you are already cycling to your early morning shifts but finding it difficult to cycle on the icy road and chilly weather?

Renting a car cub vehicle is great for people with working shifts. With limited transport options available, car clubs are available for rent 24/7 via their app, so no matter the time, all you need to do is go online and make a booking, and you can use the car whenever you need!

Easy to use

With Car clubs, you can usually rent a car with a few easy steps. After signing up at a car club, it enables you to pick up a car from within a pre-defined zone, and drop it off anywhere else within the zone, using approved or designated on-street parking spaces or back to where you picked it up from (dependent on the operator). The charge for hire is usually inclusive of fuel.

Car Club for Business

Car clubs might prove very beneficial for your business. Not only do they provide social inclusiveness and low emission mobility, but they also improve efficiency and cost. They can also be block-booked, ensuring that you have access during the working day. For example, Zipcar, allows corporate access to over 3,000 vehicles near where you live or work, all booked via their app. This way, employees do not need to worry about cycling down an icy road, or worried about taking public transport. You can also forget about the worry of paying a large sum of money for a cab and to take you to your meeting.

Different Car Club operators

Are you interested to learn more and find out which car club operates from where you live? Here are a few options:

Or click here to browse the map and see car club operating areas!

We hope that this article has been helpful and informative! Does this make you rethink your car usage?

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