Weaver’s Meadow Travel Plan Survey

Weaver's Meadow Travel Plan Survey | Smarter Travel Limited

During October, we will be issuing a travel plan survey to residents of Weaver’s Meadow to better understand their travel habits and routines. Weaver’s Meadow is located just outside of Sudbury in Suffolk and we are now entering the final few months of the Travel Plan.

With the aim of a 30% response rate for the postal/online survey, we have developed our survey methodology over the past couple of years. In order to ensure the survey awareness is as great as possible, we now follow a three-step process.


Firstly, we contact all residents through an introductory flyer. This initial contact with the residents reminds them of the Travel Plan and informs them of an upcoming survey. We are sure to include information about the prize incentives available for completing the survey within this introduction. Following on from this, we then distribute the surveys to each household. This is through a combination of one-to-one engagement with residents through door-knocking and by post. Through previous research we have developed and styled our survey to ensure we only ask the questions we really need to and that all questions are easy to understand and answer.

It is important to give residents enough time to return the survey so usually have a two-week completion period, however, we also don’t want residents to forget to complete the questionnaire altogether. Therefore, we send out a reminder to all households that have not returned their survey to us. This gentle reminder, which is usually an A6 sized postcard, encourages those last few residents to return their travel plan survey to us and to take part in our prize draw.

Further to this, we always offer our a Travel Plan survey in two formats; online and in a hard copy. This ensures there is no social exclusion and all can participate. We also ensure that we offer some great prizes to attract as many responses as possible.

We look forward to understanding the travel habits of Weaver’s Meadow and receiving a high response rate from the development.

If you have a Travel Plan requirement on your residential development, please get in touch, we would love to discuss how we could help.

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