Walk to Work Day 2018

A photograph of a mans lower legs walking along a pathway

Tomorrow (6th April) is the return of Walk to Work Day.

Walk to Work Day 2018 | Smarter Travel Ltd


If you are lucky enough to live close enough to your office, then walking to work is a great way to commute. However, if you’re not close enough to walk the whole way in, why not park further away and walk the last part of the journey or get off the bus a few stops earlier than normal?

There are a huge number of benefits to walking, so why not energise your commute? Here are some of the benefits of walking:


 It is a great way to keep the doctor away. Just a 20-minute walk per day helps prevent and manage chronic illnesses, including reducing the risk of death from cancer and can also help prevent dementia.

 It can improve your mood as well as boosting your creativity.

Have a positive effect on your heart, including lowering your blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Strengthens your bones and muscles.

Improves your balance and coordination.

Reduces the pollution that would be generated by driving or using public transport.

Walking can help maintain a healthy weight.

Can help get you in the right frame of mind for the busy day ahead!

It’s free! Therefore considerably cheaper than driving.

Gives you the opportunity to appreciate the world around you.

It’s the easiest way of getting exercise into your daily routine.

So why not get involved and Walk to Work even if it is just some of the way into the office? Alternatively, take a lunchtime stroll, you could encourage your colleagues to join in too!

Apparently, Hippocrates once said, ‘walking is mans best medicine‘…



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