UK roads are at their all-time slowest

Gridlock | Smarter Travel Ltd

A Department for Transport report has revealed that UK roads are officially moving slower than they have before due to increasing traffic levels.

There was a whopping 317.8 billion miles covered by vehicles in the UK in 2015 – which is 2.2% up on 2014, and 1.1% up on the previous peak level. 248.6 billion were covered by cars alone. This has meant that the average speed on a local ‘A’ road during a weekday peak period is just 23.4mph, which is 2.9% down on the year before.

The average speed by region shows a real congestion issue in the capital: London 14.6mph, North West 21.5mph, West Mids 24.2mph, Yorkshire and Humber 24.3mph, South East 25.8mph, South West 27.1mph, North East 27.6mph, East Mids 27.8mph and East 28.3mph.

Of course, in order to help speed things up, without considerable infrastructure investment, the solution lies in reducing the number of vehicles on the roads.If half of UK motorists received a lift one day a week, congestion and pollution would be reduced by 10% and traffic jams by 20%.

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