Travel Plan Events for Residential Developments

It’s Travel Plan events season for us here at Smarter Travel and as you can see Eden is excited to be meeting residents!

Over the past few weekends, we’ve been attending some of our Travel Plan projects to discuss and promote sustainable travel. The direct engagement has been brilliant, especially listening to the residents and understanding how and why they travel in certain ways, whilst also offering bicycle servicing. It’s essential for us to understand the local area, their concerns, and help overcome obstacles to sustainable travel in order to achieve those Travel Plan targets.

Last weekend we were at Darwin Green in Cambridge on behalf of Barratt Homes and previously we visited Kingley Grove, Melbourn on behalf of Hopkins Homes. Both of these developments have Enterprise Car Club hybrid vehicles on site, which provide a great option when looking at reducing car ownership. The cost of fuel is concerning to many of our residents and by having car club vehicles close by, travel behaviours can change and consequently help reduce financial pressures.

The teams have one last trip this Sunday before the summer holidays then lots more exciting events booked for September!

If you have a residential Travel Plan requirement, please contact us to find out how we could help you and how Travel Plan events could help you achieve Travel Plan targets.

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