New Year, New Commute!

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Now that Christmas is over it’s easy to fall into a slump as the new year begins, that’s why many take the opportunity to come up with some New Years Resolutions. Some people have many resolutions and others only have one, but perhaps you could make this your one resolution: New Year, New Commute.

We are all aware of the current Climate Crisis and there is a large amount of evidence suggesting those that use alternative modes of transport, other than the car, are healthier mentally and physically. There are obvious financial benefits that come with this as well, due to cars being expensive to run and public transport often being reasonably priced. Your commute may even be free if you’re walking to work!


Walking is a great way to get some fresh air whether you’re walking to work or taking a stroll, there are hundreds of benefits! Taking a brisk 30 minute walk each day has significant improvements on your mental and physical health. Health benefits include: a reduced risk of heart problems, improved bone strength, increased muscle strength and a happier, more motivated attitude.

If you’re unsure of how to walk to work, then not to worry as easy directions can be found using the Google maps website or app. You simply put in your start and finish locations, choose the walking option and it will calculate the quickest route. If you live too far from work to walk then you can always use public transport to get close to your place of work and then walk the rest of the route. You could even make your commute more enjoyable by walking with friends or colleagues!


Cycling is a great way to get to work if it’s too far to walk as cycling tends to be twice the speed of walking! It is also a great way to do some low impact exercise every day without having to dedicate time to the gym meaning you’ll have more free time. The initial cost of a bike and accessories may seem expensive but these will soon pay for themselves when you compare cycling to regularly using the car.

Cycling has the same health benefits as walking, both mean you’ll feel more motivated by the time you get to work and you will have time to wind down before you get home. You can always take a look at to find yourself some cycling gear but make sure you check first to see if your travel plan includes a free voucher!

New year, New Commute
New Year, New Commute: There are so many different ways of commuting, you’re spoiled for choice!


Buses are a great way to commute to work as they make the most of bus lanes and can often get past most of the traffic that you’d otherwise be stuck in! Most places are easily accessible by bus and take cars off the road meaning there will be less traffic and less pollution. For regular bus users, savings can be made by purchasing different types of tickets from week long tickets to 12 month tickets.

We understand that bus routes and timetables can be a little confusing at times so for many of our travel plans we have created bus guides to help residents take the bus in their local area. Take a look on the public transport page which you’ll find under your travel plan to access your bus guide.


Commuting by train gives you the opportunity to have some spare time meaning you can catch up on some TV or plan your next holiday from the comfort of the train carriage. Trains are mainly faster than buses and cars as they don’t get stuck in traffic and can take you all over the country. For regular train users there are different ticket types to save you money, such as annual, monthly and weekly tickets.

Car sharing

If you missed our Liftshare month in November then here’s your opportunity to join in, lift sharing can save you up to £1,000 a year as well as 1.1 tonnes of CO2 emissions! Signing up is free and you can advertise as a driver or a passenger then communicate with others to organise a lift sharing schedule. Lift sharing is becoming incredibly popular and obviously doesn’t have to be done through as you can organise a schedule in person with someone who works in the same office as you. It couldn’t be easier!

If you are interested in changing your travel habits for the new year then that’s great, but if you feel like you need some extra help and advice please get in touch and we can provide you with a FREE Personal Travel Plan.

If you’ve already made the switch to a more sustainable commute then why not share your stories with us on Twitter with our New Year, New Commute hashtag: #NewYearNewCommute

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