New habits to increase your health & well-being

We hope 2021 is a brighter and healthier year which is why we’ve created a list of some great, simple habits to help you stay positive and motivated.

Work towards an achievable goal

This can be anything from being able to run a 5k to walking 30-minutes a day, having something to motivate you will help with a healthy mind along with a healthy body. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how to adapt to a changing environment, use this knowledge and experience to adapt to small, positive life style changes.

Start walking, cycling or running more

Try and incorporate a walk/cycle/run into your daily routine, you can use these as your mode of travel or commute. These are all great exercises for improving your hearts health and releasing endorphins, they are also free and simple to undertake. Try to achieve your daily steps of 10,000 where possible – investing in a fitness watch or even using an app on your phone can be great way to stay motivated and track those steps.

We’ve put together our top walking apps allowing you track and map out new routes along with a great podcast to motivate you during your walk.

CLICK HERE for some tips on increasing your confidence when commuting on bike, or you can attend a local cycle training course near you, we work with many great cycle training company’s please get in touch if you need help finding the right one.

Learn a new skill

There is no greater feeling than bettering yourself, there are so many skills you can learn, from playing an instrument, learning to sew or even growing your own vegetables. For inspiration on which skill or hobby to try out click here.

Dedicate 30 minutes to a daily exercise

There are many studies to show that just 30 minutes of exercise improves your productivity along with health. With 2020 changing the way the we can now exercise there are so many ways to get your heart rate up from home. You can even now hire a spin bike at home or how about trying out PE with Joe?!

Multi-task & use your time wisely

Start by making use of your lunch break, it’s the perfect amount of time to get some steps in or get that daily workout done, saving you time later on in the day. You can also multi-task  your daily exercise with a catch up, this could be going for a walk, run/cycle with a friend of even catching up over the phone whilst on your daily stroll. .

Listening to podcasts can also be a great addition to your week, with so many to choose from you now, you can can learn whilst listening or simply use them as some downtime or entertainment. We’ve compiled our top ‘wellbeing’ podcasts, as above.

Lastly, do something for the environment

2020 brought to light the impact humanity has had on the environment to date, and the changes we must make to reverse the damage. Now is the time to make changes to our lifestyle, habits and commutes to give the environment a helping hand. You may already be travelling less by car but you could reduce that even further by shopping locally or getting your food shop delivered. You can try ditching the car for a bike for social trips/exercise. If your journey may be that bit too far why not try an E-bike or even E-scooter for a fun ride? Another way to reduce your footprint is thinking about what you’re eating and where it has come from. Try the environmental footprint calculator and see where you can make small changes.

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