Knights Park Travel Plan Update

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Knights Park Travel Plan Update

Thank you to all residents that completed our 2017 Travel Survey.

All your responses provide a valuable insight into the travel habits of Knights Park residents, thank you to all that completed and returned the survey. We have now updated your Travel Plan in accordance with these results and you can find the full report on the yearly monitoring page.

A multi-modal travel survey was undertaken on the 4th July 2017 and the results are positive! It has been great to see such an increase in pedestrians on site! 14.4% of people heading in and out of Knights Park were walking that day, this is a massive increase from 9% in 2015! There is still a high a number of single occupancy car journeys, however, it is still lower than what was originally assessed! In addition to this, we had a response rate of just over 10% to our postal/online survey and 36% said that they use the train as the main mode of travel – a great mode of sustainable travel. From the responses, it was great to see that so many residents would be very likely to commute by bicycle or walking!

Also, we would like to congratulate all the winners;

• Mrs. Maden won the FitBit Blaze watch;

• Ms. Pudney won a bicycle shop voucher;

• Ms. Lorusso won a voucher for a meal at The River Mill pub; and

• Ms. Lack, Mr. Kirkham and Mr. Vencatasawmy won high street vouchers.

The next year of monitoring has now commenced and we hope to see great results! If you have any questions or would like advice on public transport around the Knights Park area, please contact us.

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