Stoke Quay Car Club Promotion

A photograph of flyers produced for Stoke Quay residents to promote the on-site car club
Here at Smarter Travel Ltd, we understand how important it is to promote sustainable travel habits throughout the monitoring period of a residential travel plan.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been working on some promotion for the Genesis Housing site, Stoke Quay. Currently, there is only one car club operating in IpswichCo-Wheels Car Club Flyer | Smarter Travel Ltd, which is run by Co-Wheels. In order to promote the service and increase membership in the area, we have produced some promotional flyers (with the help of One Agency) to be given out to all residents over the next couple of weeks. We hope you like the flyers as much as we do!

Car Clubs are designed to be an alternative option to car ownership. Cars or even vans (depending on location) can be hired on a pay as you go basis per hour, offering an affordable solution compared to the commitment of running and maintaining your own vehicle. An increasing amount of car clubs are appearing all across the country.

Find out more and how to sign up to the Ipswich car club over on our Stoke Quay pages. Smarter Travel Ltd also recently used the Norfolk car club for the first time. You can read about our experience in our earlier blog post; ‘Smarter Travel Ltd uses Norfolk Car Club for business travel’. 

Please get in touch with us if you have requirements for a residential travel plan or are interested in implementing a car club local to you. We would love to help.


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