How to reduce your carbon footprint this Black Friday

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Black Friday occurs once a year on the last Friday in November and is a major sale event across the majority of businesses creating a mad rush to get the biggest discount. As you can imagine, all of this shopping can create a pretty large carbon footprint due to the increased number of cars on the road and all the plastic packaging!

Here are our top tips for reducing your carbon footprint and not missing out on a bargain this Black Friday:

Plan what you buy in advance:

This can help reduce over-buying which may result in items going to waste.

Order online:

Leave the car at home and avoid the mad rush by shopping the Black Friday deals from the comfort of your own home!

Buy locally:

Take a stroll into your local area and make someone smile this year by shopping locally. Often local shops offer unique and beautiful items that you may not find anywhere else.

Make the most of public transport:

If you do have to travel to the shops try taking the bus or train. You may even overhear someone discussing an amazing deal you would have otherwise missed out on!

Car share:

Here at Smarter Travel, we’ve declared November our car sharing month! Get involved and travel with friends or family, it will be more fun than going it alone! You can always visit the Liftshare website to find someone new to car share with.

We recommend making the most of the Black Friday deals by purchasing practical items that will last. Here are some websites we think are worth checking out for sustainable travel related purposes:

  • – This online sports and bike shop offers everything from a bike light to gym supplements. We suggest finding some cycle accessories or walking boots to improve your commute to work! They also have a great Christmas gift guide.

  • – This cycle shop has stores across the country and features an online list of winter essentials for every cyclist.

  • – An online outdoor clothing and equipment specialist with coats that are tested for warmth in -50 degrees Celsius conditions. Great for finding a winter jacket for the walk to work!

  • – Selling a variety of outdoor clothing and equipment, Blacks also has a section featuring eco-conscious products which are great for those of you trying to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • (Transport) – This is a great website for finding the best deals around Black Friday. It’s worth keeping an eye on the page to check what deals you can take advantage of.

We hope this has helped you consider a more eco-friendly Black Friday, if you have any questions about changing your travel habits then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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