How can a Workplace Travel Plan benefit my business?

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What are the benefits of a Workplace Travel Plan to your business and employees? With an increasing amount of employers implementing one, should you take action?

Workplace Travel Plans can be implemented either as part of planning condition or as a voluntary measure. As awareness grows, an increasing amount of organisations are producing and setting up such strategies. With an overall aim of encouraging more active and sustainable travel. It is important to remember that Travel Plans are not anti-car but aspire to show alternatives to single occupancy car usage. Here are some perks to consider:  Workplace Travel Plan | Smarter Travel Ltd

• A happier and healthier workforce:

By encouraging your employees to use more active means of commuting into the office, they are less likely to take time off sick and be much happier and healthier in general. Studies show that an increase in physical activity reduces the risk of depression and dementia as well as lowering the symptoms of anxiety and fatigue. Just encouraging staff to park their car further away or even taking a lunchtime walk to the shops could have significant benefits. Every little helps!

• Reduced demand on car parking:

Is it a constant struggle to find a parking space outside your office? By promoting an alternative commute means to your staff or even by encouraging car sharing these parking issues can be reduced and alleviated. By promoting options such as car sharing the demand for parking spaces could be dramatically lowered, giving you the option to use the land more productively.

• Creates positive corporate social responsibility:

Give your business something to shout about! You should be proud that you care about the environment and the world around you. By encouraging staff to travel sustainably, you’re doing your bit to save the planet by reducing carbon emissions. Consumers are more aware of corporate social responsibility than ever before and evidence shows consumers are happier to pay higher prices from socially responsible companies.

• More productive and creative employees:

Research is showing that an individuals creativity increases on average by 60% when walking. Not only does creativity increase, but a physically active employee is more likely to not struggle with the afternoon ‘slump’ and be much more productive. Surely all employees want the best work from their staff?

• Reduce business expenditure: 

Cut down on staff mileage claims by promoting remote working, conference calling or using public transport to travel to business meetings. In addition to this, you can cut your employees travel costs by offering discounted season tickets or the Cycle to Work Scheme (the business can save money on National Insurance contributions here too!) as well as car sharing schemes which share the cost of travel between two or more people.

• Improve accessibility to your office and reduce congestion in the local area: 

Make it easier for people to visit you with fewer cars on the road in the area. With less congestion, the area will be less dangerous as well as less polluted. Promote sustainable travel on your website with information on local public transport links and encourage your visitors to travel more sustainably too!

If you would like to discuss your requirements for a Workplace Travel Plan, please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help.




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