COP 26 and Cars

COP26 has been the hot topic recently, as many believe that this might be the world’s last chance to really drive change before it is too late. Climate change is caused by a multitude of factors and so various topics have been touched upon at the conference, with others still in the pipeline.

Daily transportation is one of the most pressing issues faced by society, with the majority of people travelling somewhere every day. As a result, transport is directly contributing 24% towards global CO2 emissions, which is known to be a cause of climate change.

According to the BBC, climate change refers to a shift in the average weather conditions in a place over many years, more specifically a change in global temperature. Even a change as small as 0.5C could result in extreme weather conditions.

That said, on the 10th November 2021, world leaders will discuss the global transition to ZERO emission transport. In preparation, we have produced a small guide regarding alternative modes of transport that could influence your travelling habits and help to positively impact the world.


With all the focus on advancing and building electric cars, it is worth remembering that cycling and walking are the cheapest and healthiest options for decarbonisation. They reduce congestion, as well as being space efficient and boosting public health. Consider walking or cycling into town if you are meeting friends!

Electric Cars

Switching to an electric or hybrid vehicle could save you up to £790 a year, as they are more cost effective to run and maintain, easy to charge at home and help to reduce carbon emissions, whilst still allowing you to travel conveniently and quickly to your destination.

Car Clubs

We have a blog upcoming on this topic, but Car Clubs are essentially a service that offers vehicles to members which they can rent for a period of time. These vehicles can be rented for a little as an hour and can be collected from local parking spaces rather than having to travel to a central base. Car Clubs are now running across most major cities in the UK, so if you ever wonder why your second car is just sitting on the driveway, this option could save you a lot of money!

Car shares

Car sharing is an easy and flexible way to get you to various destinations, cutting fuel and parking costs in the process. We understand car sharing can be daunting, but it will allow you to be part of the bigger picture and help reduce CO2 emissions, while also saving you up to £1,000 on average every year! Liftshare is a great choice wherever you are in the country.

These are some simple alternatives to keep in mind next time you leave the house, whatever the occasion may be. We hope this little guide might inspire you to opt for something other than jumping in your car by yourself!

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