Carbon offsetting our journeys

Carbon Footprint | Smarter Travel Limited

Here at Smarter Travel Limited, we appreciate that car travel is still sometimes a necessity, but we have tried to do our bit in carbon offsetting our journeys. As part of our Travel Plan Coordinator role, we often have to undertake visits to our developments across the country. Our visits often involve meeting with the sales teams, delivering Travel Information Packs and checking up on the local area in terms of footpaths and cycle routes. Where and when possible, we will always try to complete these journeys in the most environmentally friendly way possible such as using public transport, or if required, often incorporating many duties into one car trip. We are also avid users of Norfolk Car Club which allows us to commute to work by sustainable modes but still have access to a vehicle at the office, as and when needed.

As our car journeys are necessary and we have no other suitable alternative, we have taken the decision to carbon offset the business mileage we undertake. We calculated our business mileage throughout the whole of 2019 and have since offset 1 tCO2e (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) by planting a tree in the east of England. You can find out more information about the tree planting programme here. We are proud to be able to practice what we preach and are hopefully leading by example in creating a more sustainable community.

There are many resources available online to calculate your carbon footprint, however, we selected Carbon Footprint. Using their online calculator, we calculated our business miles per vehicle type (Norfolk Car Club have a variety of different vehicles within their fleet). If you would like to find out more and see how you could make a difference in relation to carbon offsetting, visit their website.

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