Car Sharing

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Did you know that the average commuter could save £1,000 per year by sharing their regular journey? So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to for free and search for your perfect car-sharing partner! Not only is car sharing a great option for your daily commute but you can use the Liftshare website for one-off events too such as sporting events or concerts!

Benefits of car sharing;

  1. Save money: Not only can you cut down on the cost of fuel but also maintenance and car parking charges. Use the online cost saving calculator to see how much you could save for your journey!

  2. Meet new people: You don’t have to share with people you know. provides the best platform to connect with other people that are making a similar or same journey to you.

  3. Help reduce pollution: Sharing your journey means one less car on the road, therefore, contributing to a reduction in pollution.

  4. Quicker journey times: Furthermore, with fewer cars on the road, it’s likely that your commute will be quicker too!

Get started…. find out how to get started through the Liftshare handy step by step guide, which can be found here.

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