Can you go #CarFree this July?

Going Car Free is organised by Possible, a registered charity in the UK who are passionate about building and encouraging a zero-carbon society. Throughout the year, they organise challenges across different sectors such as energy, eat & buy, nature and travel to encourage participants to participate in zero-carbon activities.

This July, they have organised a Going Car Free event. You are challenged to join a whole month of climate-friendly travel. Could you swap your daily commute or school run from the car to the bus or to bicycle? Could you go car free for a day?

How does the challenge work?

By signing up to take part in Going Car Free 2022 to say you will reduce your car use during the month of July, you will be entered into their prize draw. There will be weekly challenges and milestones, and by reaching each milestone, it increases your chance to win some fabulous car free prizes!

You can also download a digital badge once you have completed any milestone. You can then share your badge of honour online on social media or even print it out and make your own car free bingo card.

What is included in the prize draw?

You have the chance to win one of many fabulous car free prizes, such as:

  • Brompton folding bike
  • Full service for your bicycle from cycle spirit worth £120
  • A pannier bag from Cycle Chic for your bike
  • Helmets from Cycle Chic and Cycle Spirit
  • Vouchers from Cycle Spirit
  • Reusable kitchen bundle
  • Five copies of the book: ‘Movement – how to take back our streets and transform our lives’ written by Thalia Verkade.
  • Joe’s Teas organic tea selection
  • Pack fo four Kabloom seed bombs

T&Cs apply.

What can you do to win?

To win the prize draw, you must sign up to the Going Car Free 2022 challenge online. To get the best chance of winning, you can gain extra entries to the prize draw by completing our extra milestones (once you sign up, you will be given more information). Winners will be contacted by email on the 21st of August 2022.  

Why should you join this challenge?

In the UK, one third of our carbon emissions come from transport, and private cars are the biggest contributor, accounting for 80% of the carbon emissions in transport. To achieve net zero in 2050, we need to try our best to reduce car use and aim to have fewer cars on the road.

Giving up your private cars has so many benefits for our cities, communities, and planet. This challenge is designed to inspire participants to redevelop their relationship with public transport, inspire them to try or retry cycling for a change to travel, and develop an appreciation for the environment.

As a side benefit from this, going car free can save you money while improving your physical health from active travel, and your mental health through increased activity and blood flow. By reducing the number of cars on the road, it will also relieve stress on the road.

A car free lifestyle might be a challenge at first, but it is also rewarding when you discover and explore your local area when opting to take low carbon transport alternatives.

If you have any questions about this challenge, or the benefits and testimonies about how going car free a month has changed their lives, please visit Possible’s Going Car Free page.

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