Bike Week 2022

For avid cyclists, every week is bike week. But if you’re not an avid cyclist, why not experience what it’s like to cycle more? Imagine how your community could be improved if everyone used their bike more for any purposes.

What is Bike Week?

Bike Week is all about you and your local community. It is run by Cycling UK, a charity. The purpose is to encourage as many people as possible to get out there and enjoy their community by bike. The event also seeks to raise awareness of the benefits of cycling mentally, physically, and environmentally.

By cycling more in your local area, not only are you more familiarised with your local area, but you could also contribute to the community by sharing what needs improving in your local area. You might notice a few cycling signs or paths that need fixing too.

What can you do this bike week?

  1. Organise a ride – It is always hard to get started. But why not plan ahead with a group of friends or family! That way it keeps you accountable, and that you could enjoy your ride out comfortably, and with company.
  2. Encourage your workplace to take part in bike week- Is your workplace active? Why not organise a lunchtime bike ride? If you don’t own a bike, are there any rental bikes around such as Beryl and Voi that you could make use of?
  3. Try something new – Treat Bike Week as a week of trying something new. Studies show that learning new things improves your brain function, stimulates creativity, and makes time more memorable. You will also get to know yourself better! Switch it up this week when meeting your friends in town by cycling instead of driving in, or cycle to your local grocery shop for a change. Could you cycle into work?
  4. Celebrate cycling- Why celebrate cycling? Cycling is a term that describes the various uses of bicycles in daily life. It is one of the cheapest transportation available, with low cost maintenance, and upkeep. Not only are there monetary benefits but you can also benefit from a reduction of pollution of burning fossil fuels, noise pollution and traffic.
  5. Enjoy the ride.

When is Bike Week?

Bike Week is between the 6th to the 12th of June. Since it is an activity that aims to encourage everyone to take up cycling, you do not have to be anywhere specific to participate in it. All you need to do is get on your bike and cycle away.

If you would like to get more engaged with the event or with other people who are participating, take a picture and share your thoughts on how your cycling trip went on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and use the hashtag #BikeWeekUK.

Why should you take part in Bike Week?

Nowadays, it is easy to get in your car and let Google tell you how to get to your destination. Find out some more of the benefits of cycling in our infographics! With the weather getting warmer, why not hop on your bike, or a rental bike to experience all the perks of cycling? If you don’t know where to start, try Cycle Streets to plan your route beforehand.

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