Bike Life 2017

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Bike Life 2017 investigates and assesses cycling development in seven cities across the UK; Newcastle, Cardiff, Belfast, Bristol, Birmingham, and Greater Manchester.

Bike Life 2017 which is produced by Sustrans, the walking, and cycling charity has been released. The report focuses on cycling and attitudes towards cycling within seven major UK cities. 7,700 individuals were surveyed across the seven cities and some interesting results were concluded;

• 75% would like to see more money spent on cycling infrastructure;

• 78% would still support more protected cycle lanes, even when this could mean there is less room on the roads for cars;

• 28% of respondents live within 125m of a cycle route;

• Only 30% felt that cycling safety is sufficiently good, that number drops to 21% when considering children’s safety when cycling;

• 69% said their city would be a better place to live and work if more people cycled;

• There were 123 million cycle trips across the seven cities within the past year. That could save the NHS £8 million annually- the salary of 343 nurses!;

• Bicycles are up to five times more efficient at moving people than cars; and

• 64% said that they would find protected cycle lanes very useful.

Also, did you know that cycling levels peaking in 1949 when 15 billion miles were travelled by bicycle!

You can read the summary Bike Life 2017 report here.

What changes would you like to see to encourage cycling more in your local area?




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