A guide to buying bike lights

With the winter months soon approaching and the nights beginning to draw in earlier you may be looking to purchase some bike lights to keep you pedalling safely but at an affordable price. With so many out there we’ve compiled some tips on what to look for to keep you safe and seen!

Legally you need a white light attached to the front of your bike and a red light attached to the rear of your bike, there is no fixed agreement on how many Lumens you need for a bike light (the measurement of the lights brightness) as it depends on the type of cycling you are doing.

A guide as to how bright your lights need to be depending on what you are using them for:

For the rear light you need far less lumens, anything around 200 would be ideal for urban / night time riding and between 60-200 for city/daylight riding.

Depending on how bright you have the lights, also depends on how long the battery lasts.

To summarise, when on the hunt for some decent bike lights look for the highest number of Lumens along with the battery length for an all-rounder.

Top-rated bike lights at an affordable price:

For city/urban riding:

Cateye EL-135 and TL-155 Light set £25.00
150 Lumens, up to 120 hours of battery life. Available at: Tredz, (includes front & rear lights).

For rural/dark riding:

Blackburn Dayblazer 800 Front & 65 Rear Light Set £62.95
800 Lumens, lasts up to 6 hours on highest light setting.
Available at: Amazon and Tredz (includes front & rear lights).
Lezyne – Lite Drive 1000XL  £67.00
1,000 Lumens, last for 87 hours on its lowest setting.
Available at Probe bike kit, (includes front & rear lights).

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