Willowbrook, Bramford

Walking & Cycling

It is recommended by medical professionals that adults get 150 minutes of exercise per week (30 minutes per day over five days). Walking and cycling are excellent ways to achieve this, sometimes without even realising it!

There are many local facilities that can be reached by foot. The local post office and convenience store are less than a ten-minute walk away from Willowbrook. Additionally, both the local nursery and primary school are within a suitable distance. Take a look at the map in your Travel Information Pack for further details.
Cycling can be a great alternative to short car journeys and many local facilities can easily be reached by bicycle. There is an on-road cycle route running along The Street. If you are cycling to the local shop, there are cycle stands outside- just don’t forget to take your lock with you. Cycling doesn’t have to be for commuting or errands though, it can also be for leisure purposes and for those that are a little more serious about cycling, you can find local cycling groups through the Cycling UK website.

Claim your voucher! Residents are entitled to claim a £150 cycle store voucher. This can be redeemed at Moons Cycles based in Ipswich. You can find them at 418 Norwich Road, IP1 5DX (just a 12-minute cycle ride from Willowbrook). You are free to spend your voucher on anything in the store, whether this is a contribution towards a new bike or perhaps some cycling equipment such as lights or a lock and clothing. To claim your voucher, all you need to do is complete this short online Travel Survey. We will then take care of the rest for you.

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular – but some people claim they are ‘cheating’. E-Bikes just offer a little extra assistance when pedalling, particularly when cycling up-hill which makes them ideal for the elderly, injured or just those who don’t want to get as hot and sweaty! If your employer is part of the Cyclescheme, you can use this to purchase an electric bike.
Is your employer part of the Cyclescheme? This allows you to save 25-39% of the cost of a new bike & accessories whilst also spreading the cost. Find out more information on how this works and how to sign up on the Cyclescheme website.
Cycling to Work
Take a look at this video for some top commuting by bike tips!

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