Walton Gate, Felixstowe

Personal Travel Planning

Sometimes public transport options can be confusing, which bus stop to depart from? Do I have to get a connecting train? How can I commute to work without driving?

Personal Travel Plans are available free of charge to all residents of Walton Gate and provide all the information you require on travel options to and from a particular destination. Simply by providing details of your regular destination, such as your workplace, an email will be sent to you with full details of public transport routes, car sharing options and cycling/walking routes (where applicable).

Each Personal Travel Plan shows the calories burned, journey distance, duration of the journey and also the estimated CO2 per passenger for each alternative travel mode. Personal Travel Planning aims to make your journey decisions as easy as possible.

If you are considering moving to Walton Gate, but unsure of your travel options and would like to have more of an understanding prior to moving in, please feel free to request a Personal Travel Plan by completing the short form underneath. All travel options will be shown in an easy to read format making it easier to make a more sustainable travel choice!

If you have already moved in, please complete our short travel questionnaire to receive a Personal Travel Plan as well as your active travel voucher or bus tickets.

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