Sycamore Park, Beck Row

Walking & Cycling

Sycamore Park is well-connected to the rest of Beck Row for both pedestrians and cyclists, with the development having direct access to recently constructed residential roads that lead onto The Street (A1101) and Holmsey Green.

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There are safe walking routes to the nearest primary school, which is roughly a 7-minute walk, along with cycling routes to the local secondary school (24 minutes by bike). There is a local Post Office and convenience store that is less than five-minute walk from Sycamore Park. Whilst the nearest dentist and doctor’s surgery are a 19 minutes cycle ride away, along with the nearest supermarket which is a 20-minute journey by bike. Take a look at the local area map on the right for detailed walking and cycling times to key transport links and the village amenities.

Whilst there is currently no national or regional cycle routes in Beck Row, there is an off-road shared use cycleway connecting Beck Row with Mildenhall. This route travels along the northern side of the A1101 from St John’s Road in Beck Row, to Hampstead Avenue in Mildenhall.


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Local Walks

Stay fit and active, by exploring the local Beck Row area on foot. Head over to and use their ‘Where do you want to walk?’ search feature by inputting your postcode or local area to find interesting walks near to Sycamore Park.

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