Stoke Quay, Ipswich

Car Sharing & Car Club

Stoke Quay has the only official Ipswich car club. This service is operated by Co-Wheels and the car is located within the central courtyard area opposite the underground car park entrance. It is open to all that register and allows a cheaper alternative to owning your own car as you only pay for the mileage you do. Stoke Quay residents are open to free membership (normally £25), please contact your Travel Plan Coordinator for the discount code to be applied when joining.

Click here for further information on how the Car Club works.  For details on the pricing structure of a Car Club please click here for more information.

You can read about Smarter Travels experience of using the car club here.

Co-Wheels Car Club | Smarter Travel Ltd

Car sharing is a service that allows a community to share vehicles rather than each household owning its own car. Ultimately a car is thought of as a symbol of freedom and independence but increasingly the public view ownership as an expense and a burden.

Most privately owned cars spend a great deal of time sitting idle, and it’s hard to comprehend but there are millions of empty car seats on the UK’s roads every day.

Car sharing is becoming ever more popular with its promise of personal convenience and social improvement. The benefits are numerous both for yourself, your family, your community, and the environment. You save money on running costs, you save time looking for parking spaces and you help to save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

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