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Walking & Cycling


Walking is a great way to get around and the best thing is that it is free! It’s also an easy way to get fitness into your daily routine. Many local facilities are within a walking distance of Saffron View, such as; the supermarket, doctors surgery, primary school and town centre which are all within a 20-minute walking time.

It is recommended that adults get 150 minutes of exercise per week (which works out as 30 minutes per day over 5 days during the week). One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is heading out for a brisk walk! There are many benefits to walking:

  • Can help maintain body weight and lower the risk of obesity;
  • Can lower the risk of chronic diseases and high blood pressure;
  • Improvements to your mood and wellbeing; and also
  • Studies show that it can encourage and improve creativity.

For suggestions on local places to go for leisure walks head over to the Visit Saffron Walden website. You’ll find information there about the beautiful Bridge End Gardens, Jubilee Gardens and The Common.


Cycling is an excellent way to get about and is a great alternative to walking as it makes more places accessible. Cycling is around three times faster than walking and in some cases, it’s quicker than driving too! National Cycle Route 11 runs close by to the town and there is also an off-road cycle route from Saffron Walden to Audley End train station. Cycling from Saffron View to Audley End train station should take just under 20 minutes at an average speed. To plan cycle routes from Saffron View, visit

Cycling has a huge number of benefit including;

  • Improving wellbeing by relieving stress;
  • Helps prevent chronic and life-threatening illnesses;
  • Being more cost effective than running a car. Did you know that maintaining a bike for a year costs twenty times less than maintaining and driving a car; and
  • Reducing congestion and pollution on our roads.
The Cake Escape!

How about a slice of cake to encourage cycling?! The Cake Escape is an exciting project which has been set up by Essex County Council to encourage cycling across the county. A number of cafés have signed up to the scheme so why not head out on your bike to explore and stop for a slice of cake along the way! Find out more;


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