Oakwood Park, Wymondham

Walking & Cycling

Oakwood Park is well connected to the rest of the area for both walking and cycling, with Wymondham being within a reasonable walking distance. Walking is such a great way to get around and the best thing is, is that it’s also free and helps achieve the recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity!

Local facilities, such as; local schools, doctors, dentist, shops and public houses are all within a reasonable walking distance. View and download your local area map here.

There are many benefits to brisk walking, the distance doesn’t have to be too far – just enough to get your heart beating a little faster! Benefits can include

Help maintain body weight and lower the risk of obesity;

Lower the risk of chronic diseases and high blood pressure;

Can improve your mood and well-being; as well as

Encouraging and improving your creativity!

Wymondham Walks:

Wymondham is a great place full of history. Did you know that the Market Cross in the marketplace was built in 1617-1618, and also, the famous Wymondham Abbey was founded in 1107? With all this on your doorstep, why not get out and explore? Download the ‘Walks in and around Wymondham’ flyer here for some great route suggestions! There are also some great walking rounds around the wider area including Hethersett.

Wymondham Walking | Smarter Travel Ltd

Cycling can be a great alternative to walking as it makes more areas even more accessible, as well as being faster – it can even be faster than driving in some cases! Wymondham Town Centre is a 7-minute cycle ride from Oakwood Park which provides a variety of local services and facilities. For those with a little more stamina, cycling to Norwich should take just under an hour at an average pace. To plan a cycling journey, take a look at our app and website suggestions at the bottom of this page.

Many of the pathways around Wymondham have been designed to be shared use (pedestrians and cyclists). Work is currently being undertaken along Norwich Road to upgrade the link between Wymondham and Hethersett with Norwich. The cycle route will link up with Norwich ‘Pedalways’ and is due to be completed in Spring 2019 You can download a Norwich cycle map here and we will keep you updated on progress through the Smarter Travel Norfolk Facebook page.

There are so many health benefits of cycling and these are just a few;

Improving wellbeing by relieving stress;

Reduces congestion and pollution on our roads;

Helping prevent chronic and life-threatening illnesses; and

Can be more cost effective than running a car. Did you know that maintaining a bicycle for a year costs twenty times less than maintaining and driving a car?

Wymondham Cycling | Smarter Travel Ltd

Is your employer part of the Cyclescheme? This allows you to receive up to £1,000 towards the cost of a new bicycle and cycling equipment – tax-free! Find out more information on how this works and how to sign up on the Cyclescheme website.

As a resident of Oakwood Park, you are entitled to a £50 voucher to spend at Wiggle.co.uk, this can be used for cycling equipment or a contribution towards a new bicycle! Just complete this short Travel Survey and we will take care of the rest!

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