Knights Park, St Neots

Yearly Monitoring

For your reference, the Knights Park Travel Plan is provided below and this will be updated yearly, with the latest version located here should you wish to view it. Should you have any questions on this then please contact your Travel Plan Coordinator.

As part of the commitment of the Taylor Wimpey Travel Plan, there will be annual monitoring of the travel habits of residents at Knights Park, that will be used to address any shortfall in the use of sustainable travel modes. The results of the assessments will be set out below with comparisons against the previous year.

Modal share targets are being met and car use is below that predicted in the original Transport Assessment which means good news for Knights Park residents as more people are finding alternative ways to travel in and out the neighbourhood, leaving the car at home.

Smarter Travel will be monitoring travel habits and supporting residents at Knights Park until August 2019 so, if you need any help or assistance with information regarding mobility or need a personalised travel plan, now it’s the time. Do not hesitate contacting us. We are here to help.

Knights Park Residential Travel Plan (August 2017)
Knights Park Residential Travel Plan (August 2018)



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