Knights Park, St Neots

Walking & Cycling

Walking is great for your health and is the only method of travelling that is completely free!  Walking to/from Knights Park to St Neots Town and the train station can take less than 40 minutes to reach at an average pace. There are plenty of footways and controlled pedestrian crossings in the local area. Refer to the interactive location map to view the close proximity of Knights Park to St Neots town, local schools and public transport links.

Cycling is a great form of travel for both commuting to work or for leisure-related journeys as it can be time and cost effective. The majority of St Neots is within easy cycling distance and cycle journeys can be planned on  The site is well connected to the existing local cycle route network; National Cycle Route No. 12 runs just north of Knights Park.  The local cycle network is very well provided for including off-road or suggested quiet routes and controlled crossings with Barford Road and Cromwell Road and Burrell Road are local advisory off-road cycle routes.

You can obtain a bespoke cycle route to a regular place of commute via a Personal Travel Plan.  As part of the commitment of Taylor Wimpey, there will be an annual bicycle surgery that will be available for all residents and will allow you to get your bike safety checked for free.

If you are interested in contributing to a Bicycle User Group for the Knights Park development then please contact your Travel Plan Coordinator.

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