Stowford Mill, Ivybridge

As a resident of Stowford Mill you are entitled to claim some travel incentives. Full information on these are detailed in your Welcome Travel Pack. Full terms and conditions for the travel incentives can be found here.

Residents are also entitled to a free Personal Travel Plan. Simply by providing details of your regular destination, such as your workplace, an email will be sent to you with full details of public transport routes, car sharing options and cycling/walking routes (where applicable). Each Personal Travel Plan shows the calories burned, journey distance, duration of the journey and also the estimated CO2 per passenger for each alternative travel mode. Personal Travel Planning aims to make your journey decisions as easy as possible.

Local Area Map

Local area map for Ivybridge and Stowford Mill area

Stowford Mill and Ivybridge are well connected to the local area by public transport. There are also a variety of amenities within a suitable walking and cycling distance. Please take a look at the local area map above for these locations.

Further to this, Stowford Mill benefits from a Green Travel Plan. You can view and download the full report here. The overall aims of the Green Travel Plan are to; reduce the number of single occupancy car journeys to and from the development, promote sustainable travel habits, encourage a healthy and active lifestyle and provide all Stowford Mill residents with useful information on travel options in the area.

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