Becket’s Grove, Wymondham

Yearly Monitoring

Nearly all new large housing developments require a Travel Plan. For Becket’s Grove, Smarter Travel Ltd is taking on the role of Travel Plan Coordinator on behalf of Persimmon Homes. The current plan can be viewed and downloaded here and covers accessibility of the development, local cycling and walking routes, the public transport network and local amenities. Alongside this, you can view the targets and measures for Becket’s Grove which are likely to be monitored until 2022. The Travel Plan will be updated annually and the results of each survey will be published here for you to view.

What are the overall aims of the Becket’s Grove Travel Plan?

To reduce the number of single occupancy car journeys to and from the development;

To promote more sustainable travel habits such as; walking, cycling, and using public transport;

Encourage and promote healthy and active lifestyles with a strong focus on the local community; and

Provide advice to all residents on how to improve local travel habits.

Engaging with the Becket’s Grove Travel Plan can have many positive benefits for you and your community;

Improve your health and well-being;

Reduce your travel costs;

Improve your accessibility to local services;

Make the local road network safer;

Reduce travel times;

Increase your travel choices and options; and

Create a cleaner, more vibrant local community.

Please contact us, your Travel Plan Coordinator for any questions or issues relating to travel that you may have.

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