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Louisa Tile

Louisa is your first point of contact for any questions or queries you may have about your residential Travel Plan. Whether you’re unsure of your local cycle routes or would like to claim your bus vouchers, then please do get in touch and Louisa will be more than happy to help.

Louisa works as a Sustainable Travel Plan Co-ordinator alongside Heidi due to our successful growth and expansion! Primarily working on the creation of the travel plans Louisa also plays a part within our marketing, having studied Marketing at The University of Chichester.

Outside of work, Louisa keeps her self-busy playing rugby for her local team at Southwold, training for her next half marathon or volunteering as a first responder to support the villages close by. You can also find Louisa exploring new walking routes with her sheepdog Stanley.

Eden Chau

Eden has recently joined the Smarter Travel team as a Marketing Travel Plan Co-ordinator to work alongside Heidi and Louisa. She supports Heidi and Louisa with the creation of Travel plans and primarily works on the marketing side of the team, having studied English Literature and Marketing at the University of East Anglia.

Outside of work, Eden is a keen volleyball player at her local club in Norwich and a gym goer. She is currently testing out some Hong Kong home recipes to improve her cooking, so she doesn’t just make pasta. She is currently busy planning her hiking trip to Lake District with her friends to go in December. You can probably see her out looking for delicious food around Norwich and taking walks with her friends, binging Marvel and watching F1 on the weekends.

Heidi Pearson

Having come from a background in Marketing, Heidi is the Senior Marketing and Travel Plan Coordinator at Smarter Travel. She is enthusiastic about making Travel Plans exciting and engaging to residents and workplaces.

Outside of work, Heidi likes to practice what she preaches too by commuting daily on the train and has even made a group of ‘train friends’ to keep her company on the journey!  One of Heidi’s greatest achievements to date is getting from London to Brighton by bicycle, on the hottest day of the year!

Raymond Long

Ray is the Principal Travel Plan Coordinator and Manager at Smarter Travel Ltd and has a decades’ worth of experience in writing Travel Plans. In addition to this in the last few years, he has been regularly promoting, monitoring and managing both residential and workplace Travel Plans.

Outside of work, Ray is a keen cyclist and passionate about sustainable travel. He also practices what he preaches by cycling to work every day (come rain or shine) and recently purchased a hybrid for those journeys necessary by car, which is quite a change after previously being a heavy car user. Therefore, Ray can offer valid advice to those considering a change in travel habits. He states “the best bit about travelling by bike is skipping past the traffic jams, no matter what the traffic or the weather, travel time is still less than 15 minutes!”.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have surrounding Travel Plans.

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